On the Road

Getting from one place to another can be a bit challenging in unfamiliar settings, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting around Israel can be very straightforward. Traffic signs almost always include English and with the advent of Waze and Google Maps, directions and traffic conditions are at your fingertips. Still, many travelers aren’t interested in either navigating or driving as they’d rather be taking in the scenery and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that comes with being a passenger.

Our transportation services can help fill in the gaps between your wanting to be king of the road and your desire not to get stuck looking for parking. We have a wide variety of options that can take all of the worry out of getting there.

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Our Transportation Services

Getting around Israel using a rental car has many advantages. Most road signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English and with Waze or Google Maps, navigation is pretty simple. Keep in mind you need to be 25 years old or older, have a valid driving license from home and your passport on hand in order to rent a car.

In order to get the best rates (and your preferred vehicle) it is best to rent a car in advance. We’re connected with all of the major car rental agencies here and can book your preferred vehicle for you.

If you would prefer to enjoy the sites and scenery without having to concentrate on directions, we’d be happy to supply you with a driver or tour guide.

The best airline ticket has to offer more than just having the best price. We work hard to get you the best fare, taking into account your preferred travel times, departure airport, connections, seat location, use of frequent flyer miles and in-flight experience (entertainment options, seatback screens/overhead/or none, more legroom and meal service options).

Once we’ve helped you select your preferred flight, we’ll make a reservation and “babysit” it for you, watching for the best time to purchase based on fluctuating ticket prices.

Help is available before you even get off the plane. Once you land here in Tel Aviv an escort can help you navigate through the entire airport, pick up your bags, provide a wheel chair or whatever additional assistance you need – until you are safely deposited in your prearranged transportation.

Group travel doesn’t have to be complicated. Having everyone together on one van or bus is a great options for a harmonious group trip. Having a large vehicle with a professional driver means being dropped off and picked up in the most convenient locations for all of the sites you visit, not having to look for a parking spot and never having to navigate.

We can arrange vehicles of all sizes to meet your group’s needs. Reinforced vehicles are available for travel to sites that require additional security.

We can provide you with a private driver and car that can be on call for the entire day, week, or length of your stay. This is a great option for days when you are interested in shopping, location hopping, or traveling in comfort from one city to another.

Travel Apps

Travel in the 21st century has become heavily reliant on apps. No longer just for navigating the road, there are apps for getting around regardless of if you are walking, driving, riding a train or taking the bus. Here are some of our favorites for traveling around Israel: Moovit, Israel Railways, Gett Taxi, Waze and Pango.


Israel has a fantastic railway and bus system that services the majority of the country. Trains are clean and have bathrooms and WIFI – life’s necessities. There’s room for luggage on trains and buses, but using them is best when you are day tripping and won’t need to shlep your bags along. Just make sure you can travel easily from the station to your destination.


Getting around within the major cities couldn’t be easier. Most cities have many sites and attractions within walking distance, all cities have bus service, Jerusalem has its new light rail (coming soon to Tel Aviv as well), and taxis are always an option. If you are using a rental car, consider leaving it at the hotel if you are visiting sites within the city where it is crowded and parking will be an issue.


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