Family Trips

When families vacation together they need to juggle lots of things in order to have a successful trip. Meeting the needs of kids, parents and even grandparents of varying interests and abilities can be a difficult balancing act.

Whether your kids are little and you want a more meaningful – but still super fun vacation, or you want your grown grandchildren to understand why being Jewish is important to you, we can help you craft the perfect blend of activities and experiences to meet the unique goals of your eclectic clan when you travel to Israel.

Hiking in the Hula Valley up north

Community Trips

Meron Peak Trail with a view towards Tzfat

Traveling to Israel with a group from home offers lots of opportunities for fun, learning and transformation, both on an individual level and for your entire community back home.

  • Develop yourself as a leader in your synagogue, youth group, Jewish social group or non-profit.
  • Create and inspire future community leaders.
  • Travel with old friends and make new ones.
  • Bring the best of Israel back with you for directed community growth.
  • Make an impact on Israel by sharing your group’s mission, ideas and strengths with the people here.

Jewish Spirituality

We are all looking for connection. But there is no road map or travel adviser when charting a course to explore our inner selves. Left to our own devices, experiences which should be filled with spiritual meaning can leave us feeling disconnected.

Israel is a place that bridges the gap between our spiritual and physical lives. With the right guide, a trip to Israel can open new avenues for connection and a deeper understanding of our spiritual purpose in this world.

Travel to Israel
The Western Wall

Geopolitics and Israeli Advocacy

The Valley of Tears

The world is changing at a rapid place. We need more than accurate information to answer the accusations continuously hurled at Israel and the Jewish people. We need first hand observation and experiences.

  • See all of unified Jerusalem

  • Tour the Golan heights and see the Syrian border

  • Visit the green line and Israel’s security barrier

  • Meet with military and national security experts

  • Get your questions answered so you are prepared


Adventure Sports

For such a relatively small country, Israel packs a lot of diverse terrain. This means more opportunities for you to pack lots of outdoor sports into your vacation. Hiking is a national pastime, with over 6,000 miles of clearly marked trails ranging from “bring your toddler along” to “professional hikers only.”

And that’s just the starting point.

Hiking in the Negev

Start Up Nation

The Mother of Invention

Israel’s innovative culture has been the topic of books, talk shows, political campaigns and economic theorists for over a decade. For those of us who are interested in learning the lessons culled in the Israeli incubator that has given birth to more than its share of successful companies, a trip to Israel can offer a peek behind the curtain.

Meeting with start ups, established companies, IR professionals and up and coming innovators is a great way to understand the inner workings of the start up nation, make useful contacts, recreate your own company culture or get a first hand look at the Israeli business landscape.


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