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Let Us Book Your Trip

The ability to search and make hotel, car or airline reservations online has made some people think that travel agents have become obsolete. But if you’ve ever tried an online travel site to research and book a vacation yourself, you may have realized that it is almost impossible to get a better fare on your own.

Online booking sites make it hard to compare prices, get the locations or pricing you want and they often lead to confusion, indecisiveness and a lot of unnecessary stress. If you have detailed questions or need to plan a complicated itinerary there is no one to ask for help. Booking your vacation yourself requires a huge amount of time, time you may prefer to spend elsewhere.

Working with Israel First Hand Tours to research and book your accommodations, car rental,  or airline travel offers you a great solution. We have access to great rates, rates that are often not available to the public, which can add up to significant savings for you.

If you would like more information about how we can help, be in touch. We’d be happy to talk about booking your unique Israel First Hand experience.

Our Bookings Services

We work exclusively with travel to Israel, which has helped us to develop our Israel travel expertise. When we research, plan and book your trip, our in-depth knowledge of the Israeli travel industry goes to work for you.

After a day of busy vacationing you’ll want the perfect place to lay your head. Israel offers lots of options when it comes to accommodations: deluxe hotels, romantic zimmers, budget friendly vacation apartments and hostels. Finding the right accommodations at a great price can make all the difference in the success of your vacation.

Once we’ve assessed what your interests and needs are we can book you the best option, with all of the amenities you are looking for at the right price.

Getting around Israel using a rental car has many advantages. Most road signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English and with Waze or Google Maps, navigation is pretty simple. Keep in mind you need to be 25 years old or older, have a valid driving license from home and your passport on hand in order to rent a car.

In order to get the best rates (and your preferred vehicle) it is best to rent a car in advance. We’re connected with all of the major car rental agencies here and can book your preferred vehicle for you.

If you would prefer to enjoy the sites and scenery without having to concentrate on directions, we’d be happy to supply you with a driver or tour guide.

Group travel doesn’t have to be complicated. Having everyone together on one van or bus is a great options for a harmonious group trip. Having a large vehicle with a professional driver means being dropped off and picked up in the most convenient locations for all of the sites you visit, not having to look for a parking spot and never having to navigate.

We can arrange vehicles of all sizes to meet your group’s needs.

Travel can be expensive and insurance is a worthwhile add on to protect the investment you are making in your vacation. We can provide you with Trip Cancellation or Interruption Coverage – which reimburses you for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip before departure or during the trip due to illness, injury, extreme weather resulting in canceled flights, work lay offs, terrorist incident or jury duty.

Be in touch with us for a full list of policy coverage.

The best airline ticket has to offer more than just having the best price. We work hard to get you the best fare, taking into account your preferred travel times, departure airport, connections, seat location, use of frequent flyer miles and in-flight experience (entertainment options, seatback screens/overhead/or none, more legroom and meal service options).

Once we’ve helped you select your preferred flight, we’ll make a reservation and “babysit” it for you, watching for the best time to purchase based on fluctuating ticket prices.

Most regular medical plans will not cover you completely while you are traveling abroad. Medical expense coverage will cover you for urgent medical and dental care if you should need it during your trip.

Israel has excellent hospitals, emergency rooms and off-site emergency clinics (TEREM) offering extensive medical care in most major cities. Doctors here are well trained and many of them see patients privately. This additional medical coverage provides peace of mind should you need to seek medical care while away from home.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, family reunions, birthday parties, professional conferences, weddings or any type of meet-up takes on an extra level of simcha (happiness) when celebrated here in Israel.

We can help you plan and book indoor or outdoor locations, photographer, caterer, florist, musicians or entertainment to make your special occasion an event to remember – all while adhering to your budget, dietary needs, corporate culture or familial requirements.

Booking flights, accommodations and transportation rises to a whole new level when you are traveling with a group. We are well versed in negotiating great deals for group travel.

Let us plan and book your group trip from start to finish to ensure that your Israel experience meets the needs, goals and budget of your group.

Using a travel agent to book your trip is a risk free investment. You get great rates and the added convenience of working with a professional who is focused on saving you time and money – all while providing you with the best possible trip and customer service.

At Israel First Hand we work closely with each of our customers to learn their preferences and to ensure they have a successful trip. This relationship does not end when your flight takes off and your trip begins. We are with you from the planning stages until you return home, working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and making ourselves available should you need us at any point.

Saving Time and Money

Researching flights, where to stay, and how to get around Israel can take hours… unless you do it for a living. This is where we shine. When you work with us we do the legwork, finding you the travel options that best meet your needs and budget. In most cases, we have access to information about rates and routes that aren’t available to the public, which can save you both time and money, one of our favorite pastimes.

Travel Assistance

If your flight is delayed and making your connection seems impossible, having a travel agent to call will be a life saver. When you book your trip through Israel First Hand Tours, we can assist with necessary re-booking. Making sure that your travel goes smoothly, from start to finish, is the kind of personalized attention we give our customers. This kind of follow up and problem solving is missing when you book through an online travel site.

Seasoned Advice

We live here and we vacation here. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what’s happening. When we book your trip we are happy to advise you on the best places to stay, most accommodating airlines and the car rental companies that are top notch. Of course we are on top of the best travel values here in Israel and want to pass those on to our clients.


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