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It’s The Little Things That Count

When traveling abroad you can only fit so much in your allotted suitcase. Perhaps you can bring some of life’s little comforts and necessities, but you certainly can’t fit your favorite bottle of wine or babysitter in there.

This is why we created our Concierge Service line, to provide you with many of the conveniences of home, without the hassle.

Whether you need dinner for 20 delivered, a sim card in your hands before you start your trip, a babysitter for a parents’ night out, or a photographer to accompany you and create a photographic journal of your trip – we’ve got you covered.

If you would like more information about how our concierge services work, be in touch. We’d be happy to make your Israel First Hand travels smoother and more enjoyable.

Our Concierge Services

Help is available before you even get off the plane. Streamline your arrival process here in Israel with our VIP service. Our associate can meet you at the sleeve of the plane and help you navigate the entire airport experience. Services include fast tracking through passport control, baggage claim and customs; transfer by a private luxury car to the lounge or private room with food and beverage service; having passport and customs officials join you in the lounge or private room for clearance.

Baggage Delivery Option – If you don’t want to wait for your luggage you can head directly to your hotel and our VIP associate will pick up your luggage and have it delivered to you wherever you are staying.

Consider how a family photo shoot will help preserve your trip memories for years to come. Our photographers are well versed in capturing the mood and the perfect shot. This way, you can actually be IN your vacation photos. With an on-site photographer or videographer, you can create a memory book or video of your trip without missing out on the action because you were behind the camera.

We are happy to have your SIM cards delivered right to your door – before you even leave for your trip. This way you can land in Israel already connected to your email, work or family at home. Our SIM cards come with both an Israeli and a U.S. number, as well as plenty of data.

We are happy to arrange travel insurance for your trip. Policies can cover your medical needs, luggage, cancelation and overall trip insurance.

Whether you want to look your best for a special evening out, need an updo for a family simcha, or want a mani-pedi half-way through your trip to keep up your regular schedule, we can arrange the perfect beauty treatment delivered right to your hotel room. Armed with a team of professional experts, Essentially Me can provide hair, makeup, waxing, nails or even a massage treatment to help you look and feel your best. Contact us for more details and to book an appointment during your stay in Jerusalem or the surrounding areas.

We offer lots of transportation options, one of which is a private driver and car that can be on call for the entire day, week, or length of your stay. This is a great option for days when you are interested in shopping, location hopping, or traveling in comfort from one city to another.

Sometimes, when traveling with little people, we need a vacation from our vacation. Enjoy a quiet dinner for two, a stroll on the beach, a family wedding or a concert, knowing that a qualified vetted babysitter is taking care of things while you are out.

Nannies are also available for the length of your stay here in Israel – for those of us who could use an extra pair of hands while away from the creature comforts and schedules of home.

If you are in Israel to celebrate a special family occasion, or need to arrange a business event, we can plan and book every aspect for you. Working with an agency here in Israel can help you get the right location, best suppliers and the most value – without the headache.

Some travelers may need non-urgent medical assistance during their trip. Routine monitoring of an ongoing condition, medication dispensing or treatments that cannot be interrupted – even for a well deserved vacation, can be handled by a licensed nurse. We can also provide a medic to travel with you during your trip or for any specific days you will be touring and prefer to have medical care nearby.

Medical equipment, specially equipped vans (for wheelchair accessibility) and special tours for those with special needs can be arranged as well.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you travel with proper medical insurance coverage in case of the need for any emergency medical treatment.

There are a few places here in Israel that are very worthwhile to see which require a security escort as an additional safety measure. We are happy to provide an armed escort, trained for this specific purpose, who will provide the security and reassurance necessary for you to enjoy your visit.

We can arrange certified kosher catered meals for medium or large groups – in your hotel, apartment, event hall or for you to take on the go. Alternatively we can suggest local restaurants that can deliver to your location.

High Quality Service

We understand that you are entrusting the success of your vacation to us. Our service providers are well trained, experienced and licensed (where applicable) so you can expect the best possible service. Knowing that your vacation needs are being handled by the right person will give you that ultimate peace of mind.

Key to Success

A successful vacation means you spend your time how you want, which is usually not working the phones trying to figure out where to find a private driver at the last minute. Using our Concierge Services will save you time, reduce your vacation stress and add immeasurable convenience to your travels.

Loaded With Options

We are here to help. Our list of concierge services (see above) were created to help ensure that all of your vacation needs are met. If there is something else we can help you with, let us know. We are always looking to expand our list of services.


Want to learn more about our Concierge Services?

Be in touch so we can discuss how our Concierge Services can simplify and enhance your trip.