Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Israel? I’m not sure what to pack!2017-11-12T15:45:23+00:00

Israel has two basic seasons; hot and dry from April through early October, and wet and cold from late October through March. The summer season is very predictable, with plenty of sun and high temperatures. The rainy season can be surprisingly unpredictable. We can get a week of rain and cold followed by gorgeous fall or spring like weather, with sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s or 70’s. Temperatures, humidity, wind and rain (or even snow) can vary depending on where you are in the country. In the winter months you can have great skiing conditions on Mount Hermon in the Golan Height and great snorkeling conditions down on the coral reefs in Eilat.

Summer packing should include a hat with a brim, sunblock, bathing suit, cover up, water shoes and a sweater (for air conditioned spots).

Winter packing should include a windbreaker, or similar waterproof coat with a hood ,a sweater/sweatshirt, a warm hat, scarf and one set of light weight clothes for warmer weather (you can always layer up).

Check the long term forecast before you close your suitcase!

Do I have to be in “good” shape to hike in Israel?2017-10-19T21:51:15+00:00

Israel offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails with levels suitable for a wide range of abilities. Make sure to let us know the ages and athletic capabilities of you and your group and we’ll be sure to plan for activities appropriate for you.

Should I give a tip to the driver or tour guide?2020-01-20T23:18:28+00:00

Tips for your driver and tour guide are greatly appreciated and are often counted on as part of their salary. Please reflect on the service you have received and tip at your discretion.

What does it cost to hire a private tour guide for the day?2020-01-21T01:48:05+00:00

We offer half-day and full day rates for our private tour guides. In general, daily rates run between $400 and $550 dollars depending on the time of year (summer and holidays are peak season and run towards the higher end). Rates are dependend on how many days you book and the complexity of your itinerary. Additional fees will apply for the guide’s expenses, transportation and concierge services.

How do I recommend your travel services to all of my friends?2017-10-19T21:51:22+00:00