Get Your Game On

Israel is a land full of outdoor adventures that range from family hikes to extreme sports. The weather and terrain are so diverse that this small country is bursting at the seems with athletic activities.

If you are interested in pushing your limits with a particular sport, there are opportunities to spend a week honing your skills. For those of you who would like to sprinkle in a bit of outdoor activity to the rest of your vacation, hourly or daily fun by land or sea are yours for the taking. Tell us your game of choice, and we’ll book you some time on the court, field, mountain, sea, ropes course, cave, river or rock cliff.

Browse below for some of the outdoor fun Israel has to offer.


Not for the meek, the Black Canyon is Israel’s triple threat. It includes hiking, swimming and rappelling. Located up north in the Golan Heights, this hike is unmarked and must be led by a licensed tour guide. For most of the hike you’ll have gravity on your side, as it is mostly downhill, but you do need to be in decent shape as it can be a bit challenging.

The Black Canyon is mostly in or near water – so expect to get wet. There are three waterfalls and the scenery is breathtaking and well worth the effort alone. This is a full day hike and even experienced hikers will be tired at the end of it, but you’ll also be exhilarated!

Whether you prefer your cave exploring to be wet or dry, with an easy walking path or a bit of a climb, with bats or without – Israel’s got lots of caves to pick from. Spelunking, or cave exploring is an excellent activity for getting out of the summer heat. It is also a great way to explore some Jewish history, get a close up view of some natural wonders and have an underground adventure.

The Mediterranean is a water sports enthusiast’s theatrical playground. Here you can enjoy parasailing, kiteboarding, jet skiing and all sorts of wet water fun. Along the gorgeous stretches of Israeli beaches visitors can grab surfing lessons in Ashdod or kayaking on the waves near Rosh HaNikra. But if you’d like to enjoy the scene without the thrill of the wind in your hair and the surf under your feet, relax on the beach and take in the sights. The Mediterranean coast hosts so much activity that there is always something interesting to keep your attention.

Eilat is Israel’s resort town on the Red Sea bordering both Jordan and Egypt. The Red Sea offers unique clear blue waters and phenomenal coral reefs. Diving Instructors can take the uninitiated for an introductory dive to the heart of the coral reefs. For the experienced diver, Eilat offers diverse and world class scuba experiences.

Get behind the wheel of an all terrain vehicle and explore the reaches of the desert not accessible by foot or by car.  Bring your valid driver’s license to experience desert landscapes and moonscapes up close.

Start with a behind the scenes peak at elite anti-terror training and then get prepared to try it yourself. Work alongside veteran Israeli soldiers who will walk you through live military training exercises. Feel the excitement and learn to be prepared for anything.

Get ready for a thrilling ride. Jeeping is a popular way to explore the surrounding desert landscape. There are some pretty amazing rock formations and stunning views that will really enhance your experience. Typical jeep rides run about 2 hours, so buckle up!