All Together Now

Whether you are trying to make the world a better place or just enjoy traveling with friends – new and old, touring Israel with a group from home can be an amazing adventure.

Traveling to Israel is always a powerful experience. But when you come with a group, there’s a certain synergy that infuses energy into the trip. That energy and direction helps make the trip more meaningful. One of the greatest things a group can do is take that energy and effect change, here in Israel by volunteering together, or back home, by bringing their shared experience to their organizations, neighborhood, friends and family.

Browse below for some of the highlights a community trip might include.

Be the Change

Feeling a bit like Indiana Jones? We’ll sift through the rubble from archaeological excavations in Jerusalem searching for a glimpse into ancient Jerusalem. While we search for pottery, coins and relics, we’ll learn about our collective past and deepen our connection to Jerusalem.

Let’s walk from the City of David to the Western Wall, but we’ll take a new route that connects different periods of Jewish history. We’ll explore a hidden underground tunnel where the last of the rebels hid on the eve of the destruction of the Temple, examining the ancient artifacts that have been unearthed which reveal insights into the life of the ancient city inhabitants. We’ll visit sites just uncovered including the excavation in the Central (Tyropoeon) Valley where we will walk through part of the Herodian Channel.

At the end of our route we’ll find ourselves far beneath the Western Wall. This is the last standing remnant of our holy temple which has been the focus of prayer for the Jewish people for the last 2,000 years.

Ammunition Hill was a key battle site in the Six Day War, when Israeli forces reunified Jerusalem. We’ll explore the site, walking through the fortifications built and trenches dug by the Jordanian military defense, watch a movie with actual footage from various battles and an illuminated 3D map of Jerusalem which shows the progression of the war.

Today the site also serves as a memorial for all our brave soldiers who fell fighting for Jerusalem. It is befitting that the IDF brings new recruits here for induction into the army.

Kumzits is a Yiddish word that literally means “come sit.” And that’s what we’ll do. We sit on a rooftop in the Old City of Jerusalem, enjoying the view of the Kotel (Western Wall) and the starry night sky, while we sing, dance, hear moving stories and soak in the beauty of this simple and beautiful Jewish tradition.

You’re traveling to Israel together, but many come alone. Over 6000 young single Jews from around the world are currently serving in the IDF after moving to Israel. They come without their families – and we call them lone soldiers.

Let’s visit with them at the Lone Soldier Center, created in memory of Michael Levin, a lone soldier whose life was tragically cut short by a Hizbullah terrorist in Lebanon in 2006. Here we will have a unique opportunity to volunteer our time in support of these brave heroes.

Get ready. Get set. Get packing…

Israeli’s poorest families are supported by Pantry Packers® and they need our support. Oversees volunteers make up a large part of their “staff.” Here we can learn about how this organization helps feed the poor, saving 30% by packing commodity food staples for Israel’s poorest families.

After a brief orientation session, we’ll put on the required gloves, aprons and caps and we’ll get to work filling bags of food for these families. Each bag we fill will be labeled with our group name. They will be combined with larger food baskets and distributed to families all over Israel.

A great opportunity for hands on volunteering exists in the fields of Moshav Nahalav in the north of Israel and in Rechovot in Leket Israel’s own fields. Here we’ll harvest fruits and vegetables. We can also sort and pack produce, preparing it for distribution to Israelis in need.