Go North

Up for a little northern exposure? Israel’s north has the perfect blend of pine cones, waterfalls and shady spots for outdoor adventures. It’s also the background for historic battles and geopolitical decisions that shaped much of Israel’s current political reality.

Browse below for some of the highlights a trip through northern Israel might include.

The Northern Coast

This gorgeous sea front was the backdrop where Herod the Great built an entire Roman city and one of the largest ports known at the time, all from scratch.  We’ll see the ruins reconstructed as well as the remains of the crusader fortress city that stood here.  We’ll also enjoy the aqueduct’s beach – one of Israel’s finest secluded Mediterranean beaches.

One of the earliest Zionist settlements, Zichron Yaakov is also one of the most charming. Its cobble stone streets were laid by the founding settlers and weave a path through a town filled with artist’s galleries and boutiques, a wonderful place to pick up gifts and souvenirs.

After a stroll through the main strip we’ll visit the Carmel winery, now Israel’s largest, founded with the help of Baron Rothschild. A visit to the home of Aaron Aronson, who helped found the Nili spy ring that ultimately helped General Allenby of Britain take Palestine from the Ottoman Turks, will round out our day.

One of Israel’s two deep sea ports and home of the Israeli navy, the city is as beautiful as it is functional.  The Bahai Gardens highlight the integration of the natural hills and mountains in the architectural plan for the city.

It seems like everyone who lives here must have an amazing view of the sea from their apartment. We’ll visit cafes in the German colony, and climb to the top of the Carmel for the stunning views.

One of Israel’s several world heritage sights, the city of Acco has much to offer visitors. The best way to get sense of Acco is to climb on the city walls, the same walls that held off Napoleon’s army.

After we’ve conquered the Old City, we’ll wind our way through the alleyways, taking a scenic boat ride from the ancient port that was the gateway to Israel for centuries.

The stunning contrast of sea, sky and the cliffs are enough to make a visit to Rosh HaNikra worthwhile. But the visit to the grottoes, formations in the cliff side formed by erosion and waves, definitely takes it up a notch. Watch out! If the waves are rough, it’s easy to get soaked.

Hover for Fun Fact: Wondering if you can catch the train from here?

The Galilee

We’ve reached the gateway from the coastal plain into the Jezreel valley and the