Silicon Wadi

Israel’s innovative culture has lessons for all of us. The spiritual inspiration that fills the air over here trickles down to the physical world and is apparent by the disproportionate number of successful startups, Nobel prize winners, Israeli inventions and general ingenuity.

Having a tour, business meet up or an investor’s peek at some of the start-ups creating the latest technological advances, is an opportunity that can create a great ripple effect for your life, your business or your financial portfolio.

Browse below for some of the cutting edge technologies and companies you may want to visit while you are here.

Generation of Innovation

Looking for one stop shopping for all of your financial technology innovative needs? Welcome to The Floor.

Located at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, The Floor is a self described “Global Fintech Innovation Center- a focal point of access to Fintech technologies for leading international financial players, tech giants and VC’s. ”

Here is where Fintech ideas are traded in a collaborative forum. The Floor offers partners & members an environment where they can grow their innovative ideas in the vein of solving today’s financial technology challenges.

There may be a shortage of resources in different parts of the world, but there is no shortage in Israel of environmentally focused companies trying to solve these problems. The range of greentech startups creating products and solutions is exciting.

There’s an eco-friendly pooper-scooper from Paulee CleanTec which converts your pet’s output into pathogen-free, odor-free fertilizer granules (in under a minute). BwareIT is coming out with the BrighTap smart water meter which will allow you to monitor water quality and consumption with a device that fits right onto your faucet, pipes or outdoor hose. The desalination industry will be revolutionized by TSD‘s (Tethys Solar Desalination) low-cost, off-grid, scalable module that works using solar power.

Israeli companies are also working on growing more food with less water, keeping our food fresher longer, turning kitchen waste and livestock manure into usable cooking gas and liquid fertilizer, turning ocean waves into energy, using insects to control pests, vertical gardens and even keeping oil spills contained.

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and advanced treatments for rare diseases – the next big thing in medicine is likely to come out of Israel. Israeli startups have developed everything from a camera you swallow that sends pictures to widespread uses for medical marijuana. They are working on 3-D printing human organs for transplantation and new cancer treatments using live cells to target tumors which could make chemotherapy a thing of the past.

Israeli medical research and innovation is on the cutting edge.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Israel’s unique security situation with constant threats from near and far has forced the military establishment to the forefront of innovation. Whether it’s the now famous Iron Dome anti-missile system with its 90% efficiency, or hi-tech pilot helmets that read the pilots eye movements, Israeli laboratories seek to give the IDF soldier every advantage. Much of the civilian hi-tech is derived directly from developments that began in the security sphere.

Intel Inside? Israel inside! Not only are many of Intel’s own leading R&D facilities here in Israel, but every computer you have ever owned is loaded with technologies born and bred in Israel. Are you sure it is safe to move money and make transactions on-line? Don’t worry. Israel’s burgeoning cyber security industry is setting the industry standards.

Where is that exactly?

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