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We Are Here To Help

Israel is diverse in so many ways. There are lots of options to choose from when planning your trip, which can be a bit overwhelming. The planning stage is fundamental to having a great Israel experience. When you throw into the mix the potentially different opinions and interests of your family or travel companions, things can get complicated.

This is where we can help. We know Israel. We know all the standard travel fare as well as the hidden, less known, off the map places that can take your trip from ordinary to extraordinary. And we want to get to know you and your fellow travelers. We take your interests, capabilities, group dynamics, travel goals, trip length, budget and so much more into consideration when planning your perfect Israel vacation.

If you would like more information about how we can help, be in touch. We’d be happy to talk about planning your unique Israel First Hand experience.

Our Trip Planning Services

We start with a phone meeting and an intake form, at your convenience, where we carefully note all of the relevant information for planning your Israel trip.

Using our in depth knowledge of Israel and the information you’ve provided, we research and then map out a customized itinerary for your Israel trip.

Your itinerary is delivered via email. We’ll go through it together over the phone, where we will explain and walk you through your entire trip. The itinerary can be adjusted and we can have an additional review if needed.

As part of our itinerary planning we are happy to provide you with our Travel Checklist. This helpful guide can help make sure you’ve covered everything from call forwarding to getting travelers insurance.

Don’t worry if some of the items on the list seem difficult to get done. We offer a Concierge Service that can handle some of those items and other services for a reasonable fee.

The final itinerary is delivered via email after you’ve given your approval. Besides a detailed plan for your trip, which can include hotels, restaurants, sites, activities, transportation information, contact information, directions, etc. – we can also provide helpful links to online resources that will enhance your trip with background and practical logistical information.

You know the saying… Man plans, G-d laughs. Sometimes His laughter sounds like tourist trying to climb Masada on a rainy day.

If you should need to change your plans after your itinerary has been finalized, due to weather, unannounced site closures, unpredictable medical issues and the likes, be in touch. We have an emergency phone line for clients here in Israel and we will do everything we can to make your trip a success.

Why Use Us?

Planning a trip is very time consuming. Using our services mean you arrive here, ready to start your trip relaxed, instead of exhausted from late nights of research, planning and price comparing.

Financial Benefits

Besides saving you a great deal of time, we can also save you money. We plan your itinerary with the goal of maximizing the value you will get for the budget you have planned. Many of our reasonably priced finds are not available to the general public.

Road Less Traveled

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what’s happening here in Israel. Let us plan your trip so you don’t miss any options that are “off the beaten path.”


Want to learn more about our Trip Planning Services?

Be in touch so we can help you plan your Israel First Hand experience.